What’s My Story?

Everyone has a story, and this is mine. Or at least, part of it.

My story starts in a suburb of Columbus, OH. There I was born, along with my two brothers. The three of us grew up in a wonderful family, with parents who supported all our interests. My number one interest in childhood was bossing people around. The entire time I was growing up, I told everyone I would be a CEO when I grew up. I sold paper footballs in elementary school, lemonade in the summer and trading cards in middle school.

At fifteen, the idea of getting a job and letting someone boss me around was repulsive to me. To avoid that fate, I started my first business making apps for autistic children, called Pufferfish Software. Much to my surprise, everyone wanted to buy the apps we made. The company took off in a way I could have never predicted. It took me in front of venture capitalists, in and out of meetings with three people times my age, and even to the college business competition in Inc. Magazine. The Entrepreneur Organization, a prestigious association of CEOs, honored me with their Global High School Entrepreneur of the Year award. It was a dream come true.

Or, it should have been. Everyone around me worked day and night on their startups, but I could never muster that level of enthusiasm. The passion for it wasn’t in my hearts the same way it was for everyone else. While they worked all night on their startups, I worked all night on my writing. It was kept secret, like it was something to do when work was over, but not something one could do for a living. Working at a tech startup, one of the riskiest careers in the world, felt secure next to the prospect of being a starving artist.

Seven years after founding my business, six months after graduating college, I decided that the thing I’ve built my entire life around since I was fifteen years old wasn’t something I could do a second longer. So, after spending seven years managing tech startups, I’m now a freelance writer.

All of that experience is brought forward in my writing (especially when working on business and marketing manuscripts). The skill of being a business owner is the skill of making money is tremendously useful in the publishing industry, just like it is any industry. Those skills enable me to write the best work for my clients.

My writing ambitions extend to storytelling as a whole. I am looking for opportunities in fiction writing and storytelling. My dream is to write the story for a video game one day. If you’re working on a fiction manuscript, get in touch with me.