Website for Followed, by Cory Alexander

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a website that would serve teenagers, parents, and educators. Teenagers needed an easy-to-browse website that kept them interested. Paernts needed to know the benefits reading Followed would have for their children. Educators needed to know how to buy Followed in bulk and use it in their school.

The Solution

A website seperated into three main sections. The first is the front page, which serves as the landing page and sells the book to visitors. The second is a for students section, which sells the book to teenagers and invites them to join teen-only discussion. The third is a for teachers section, where end-of-chapter worksheets are available as a free download.

The Website

Socially Focused

The website is fully social ready. Visitors can like or share any page on the website, and the website invites visitors to check out the Student Facebook Group.

Sales Oriented

With frequent email signup fields and plenty of information for students, parents and educators, this website focuses on book sales to schools and libraries.


With bright colors, fun font faces and large text, this website is easy for kids age thirteen and up to browse.

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