Idea To App

The Challenge

First and foremost, the challenge was to write a book that answered the question, “How do you make apps without coding?” Then, the challenge was to design a book that delivered that information to readers effectively. Lastly, the challenge was to make a website for that book that was both visually pleasing and effective at selling the book.

The Solution

Of course, the first solution was to write a great book. And to sell that book, a website paired individually with the book that provided free book samples and resources to the aspiring mobile app businessman. Then, these free materials are used automatically by the website to suggest portions of the book that are best for that individual. It is a high-impact, low-maintenance book-selling website.

The Book

Easy Read

Idea to App is written so that a layman can understand what they’re reading. This makes app design accessible to anyone.

Case Studies Included

Idea to App features Case Studies from professionals all over the app development field. This backs up the learning with real-world examples readers can learn from.

Packed with Resources

Idea to App is designed to be referenced. Readers read it once, and come back again and again to access the resources and links in the book.

The Website

Mobile Ready

The Idea to App website is fully mobile ready. That way, no matter where potential readers are, they can get the information they need.

Email Enabled

The website is built to be email marketing ready. Customers can easily give their contact information in exchange for a book sample or free resource.

Fully Automated

The Idea to App website runs it’s email marketing on it’s own. No intervention is needed to keep the website selling. The website knows what each potential reader needs to see and delivers that straight to their inbox.

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