Marketing the Sister Girl Series

The Challenge

The challenge was to redesign an existing website. The existing website did little sales work, and was difficult to understand and navigate. With a Kickstarter for the second book in the Sister Girl series coming up, the website had to both effectively sell the original Sister Girl book and generate an email list to launch the Kickstarter to. All this had to be done while preserving the original style and feel of the website.

The Solution

From the outside, the new website looks a lot like the original. Both websites featured bright pink and purple and prominent pictures of Sister Girl. But on the inside, the website was totally different. Colring pages were made available in exchange for an email download. Those emails are automatically added to the Kickstarter email list, so that when the Kicksrater launches, it launches to an eager audience.

The Website

Bright and Friendly

Meant for very young children, this website preserves bright colors and fun characters while also being easy to read and use.

Email Ready

Since the primary goal of this website is to generate an email list, this website makes it easy to exchange their email for free coloring pages or other goodies.

Information Rich

With one book published and another in production, this website makes it easy to know which books are available where.

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